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tis the tweed

11 days until christmas and holy crap i can’t wait!

honestly, that’s all i really wanted to say and show this outfit because i’m obsessed with this dress! haha it’s seriously so comfy (no pockets though but yolo) and i’ve already worn it to a few holiday occasions this month! oh yeah, and it has a slight stretch so go crazy and eat all the foods haha

dress: halogen x atlantic-pacific
belt: j.crew
blazer: zara (old)
shoes: manolo blahnik
earrings: chanel
bracelets: cartier
bag: shrimps
sunglasses: givenchy

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the ins and outs of breakfast at tiffany's

the day is finally here! yes, that's right, i'm sharing all of the details from my fabulous morning having breakfast with andrea at the blue box café back in february! oh yeah, you heard that correctly...february. so disregarding my blatant laziness on posting this, i wanted to be sure i walked you all through how to get reservations at the coveted restaurant and how to channel your inner holly golightly all at the same time! for starters, the reservations. of course andrea and i had an advantage because we live in nyc so we had very little obstacles to plan around but we knew we wanted to get there right as the restaurant opened. reservations are all done on their website and open up at 9am, 30 days before. so naturally i set my alarm for 8:55am (just like signing up for classes in college) and refreshed the page until 9am. thankfully the 10am reservation slot popped up and i snatched it faster than a 70% off tv during a black friday sale! and while there is technically a waitlist if all of the slots are full, the probability that something will open up is slim because the tables are so limited. so if you're not from nyc but know you'll be planning a visit, mark your calendar for reservations 30 days in advance!

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no sleep till glitter

another christmas has come and gone and now without a holiday left in the holiday season, we are just left with winter. this chrsitmas, i had such a wonderful and relaxing few days with my family out in the hamptons but now it's time to have some much needed fun! thankfully there is a holiday encore with the one and only new years eve! queue the sequins!! i am normally not a nye person...i know shocking right!? but this year i have some pretty cool plans that i can't help but shout from the rooftop! i will be heading to the rainbow room to ring in the new year and i am already frantically trying to come up with an outfit!

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a night at the ballet

while in vienna, the one thing at the top of my to-do list was to go to the opera house. the only problem? i'm not the biggest fan of opera itself. thankfully the opera house also houses the ballet and as a former ballerina, there was no hesitation when we purchased the tickets! knowing that i would be attending the ballet at the prestigious opera house, i of course had to come up with the perfect outfit. i had originally purchased this dress as a contender for the veuve clicquot polo classic in los angeles but decided against it as it was just a little bit too formal for the occasion. i'm so thankful i saved it for vienna as i truly felt like a ballerina!

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twinkle toes

i think we all know i'm not one to shy away from a fabulous and fun pair of heels but there are days when my feet just need a little break! and thus, i bring out the statement flat. a girl's trusty sidekick for being comfy yet still sparkly for any occasion. while organizing my shoes recently, i stumbled back upon this pair of that i bought about 2/3 years ago and completely forgot about! thankfully this striped dress paired so perfectly with them and gave me an excuse to break them back out!

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make the cut

i'm no stranger to tailoring pieces to fit my body better. as i mentioned here, i sometimes go as far as basically having a whole new garment created! this dress hit the awkward sweet spot between being a maxi dress/gown and being a midi dress on me. you know the one that hits just above the ankle? not a great look to say the least. so my instant solution was to have it hemmed! easy right!? well it would have been if it weren't for the pesky embellishments and the tiered ruffles. so i made a split decision and had my tailor cut the entire bottom section off...aka 14 inches!

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be our guest

the search is finally over! i have finally found the perfect dress to wear to a wedding. phew! i don't know why, but weddings seem to be the most stressful occasion to dress appropriately for and i can't even begin to tell you how long i have been searching for this dress! weddings are notorious for having countless rules for what the guests can and cannot wear and frankly i'm sick of it! i mean we all get the "no white" rule but did you know that you're also not supposed to wear solid black!? or bright red!? and what if the bride decides to wear blush pink? rule that color out too! and of course, never wear something that would draw attention away from the bride...if you still want to remain friends with her. i sometimes feel like the bride and groom should just pick out the guests outfit as well.

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