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pink lady

it probably doesn't come as a surprise that filling your bag with flowers is not the most practical idea...but it is definitely the cutest accessory to an entirely pink outfit! if i had it my way, i would probably wear pink all day, every day and i got so excited when i saw this skirt at j.crew because i knew i could pair it with so many different things. adding this perfectly matched striped shirt into the mix and my transformation to a pink lady was complete!

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mykonos // an unexpected stop

when originally planning our trip, we initially just planned to visit santorini and weren't even going to consider going to another island. but after a little bit of research, we concluded that we needed to visit mykonos as well. andrea and i didn't think anything could top santorini and we, truthfully, we had very low expectations for mykonos. once we hopped off the ferry from santorini and checked into our hotel, we knew we were in for a fun couple of days! we immediately dropped our bags off in our (stunning) room and headed right into town for an afternoon of exploration.

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yellow gingham road

gingham is back baby, and i couldn't be more excited! it has been too long since i've worn my favorite spring and summer print and am so relieved that it is becoming a staple in my wardrobe. but what isn't a staple in my wardrobe is the color yellow...i know. i honestly can't tell you the last time i owned something in that color! i just have never thought it looked good with my skin tone so i would continue to bypass yellow when shopping. however, in the spirit of spring, i figured i had to give this pastel-perfect dress a shot! needless to say i was not disappointed.

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