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why i turned down a free trip to jamaica

in today’s digital age, social media influencers are continuously becoming synonymous with models. but our career paths look nothing like the traditional models that currently exist as well as the models that came before them. it’s no secret that social media influencers and bloggers wear infinite hats when it comes to our own brands. we are the stylists, models, creative directors, accountants, business managers, photographers…the list goes on and on. but what has me concerned is the value (or lack thereof) influencers are giving themselves and the work that they will do simply in exchange for social media promotion or even recognition.

top: lela rose
pants: club monaco
shoes: aquazzura
bag: l’afshar
earrings: cult gaia
rings: gorjana (#1, #2), alex and ani, chloé
necklace: cartier
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: illesteva

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fashionably late

i know, i know…it’s no longer hydrangea season…but hey! better late than never! when i got back from my trip to rome, i found myself essentially drowning in unpublished content, which i’m aware is not necessarily the worst problem to have but i just couldn’t keep up with it all! so instead of powering through and editing all of the photos, i just let them sit there and procrastinated. i procrastinated so much that i am now posting an outfit from july…and would you believe me if i told you my last post was taken back in may??? oopsies.

dress: giambattista valli (also love the off-the-shoulder version)
shoes: raye (also have the black)
bag: mango
hat: miu miu
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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end of summer...almost

tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for…the first day of fall! i cannot tell you how excited i am to finally break out my sweaters and jackets! however, mother nature still wants to pretend like it’s summer for the next few weeks. so i guess the cashmere will have to wait. i don’t entirely mind though because this gives me the chance to squeeze in a few more summer dresses before the leaves start to change!

dress: zimmermann
shoes: raye (also love the red)
earrings: vintage chanel (similar here and here)
sunglasses: linda farrow

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extra, extra!

something that has always been true about myself is that i have always loved dressing up. i even think part of the reason that i worked at kate spade for so long (on and off for about 5 years!), was because dressing up and wearing a cocktail dress to work wasn't out of the ordinary - in fact, it was weird if you didn't! thankfully i still have this blog as an excuse to continue dressing as extra as i can be and feel validated when i waltz into a vineyard wearing a gingham ballgown.

dress: fame and partners
shoes: tabitha simmons
bag: zara
hat: jacquemus (similar here)
earrings: vintage chanel (stolen from dana)
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: linda farrow

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all in a day's work

visiting the amalfi coast was everything i wanted it to be and then some. so on our last day in paradise, ashley and i wanted to do a day trip to visit every remaining inch of the coast. ashley had arranged a car to pick us up from our hotel in sorrento at the crack of dawn to begin our drive along the famous "blue ribbon" road. earlier in the trip, during our stay in positano, the wind was so strong that the picturesque umbrellas on the beach had to stay as we were driving past positano, i may or may not have had the car pull over so we could hike down to get "the shot." but hey, do it for the instagram right!? after we got the shot and hiked back up the 10,000 steps (ashley really loved me at this point) we continued up the road and stopped at the most famous fruit stand where we discovered our driver and the fruit stand owner were great friends haha!

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a walk on park

springtime in new york is truly one of my favorite times of the year! know, aside from fall and christmas ;) but one ues tradition that i never fail to miss are the park avenue tulips! every year the city plants a different color to make the walk up and down park avenue a little more scenic and i'm so happy they chose red this year! naturally i decided to wear my favorite spring print in celebration of the turn of the season: gingham! be prepared to see a plethora of it again this year!

top: gap (old, similar here)
skirt: kate spade
belt: kate spade (old, similar here and here)
shoes: raye (also love the red)
hat: rag & bone (old, similar here and here)
sunglasses: celine

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seattle and the unpredictable weather

when dana and i decided to head to the west coast for the skagit valley tulip festival, we didn't really have anything else on our agenda except we knew we wanted to stop at the pike place market. i know, stereotypical but hey, we couldn't help it! as i mentioned here, dana and i had taken the 6am flight from new york to seattle to maximize our first day. we also wanted to feel out what this whole crazy seattle weather situation was going to be like because the forecast predicted rain every single day. but tim gunn would have been proud because we definitely made it work. we became mini al roker's because we would obsess over the hourly breakdown of the weather and constantly checked the radar for updates. any time there was a patch of good weather coming up, we ran to the location!

coat: sara battaglia
top: kate spade
pants: j.crew
shoes: kitten heels - zara (similar here and here), flats - chanel
bag: mark cross (budget friendly version here)
sunglasses: celine

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sunset in nashville

when ashley and i decided on nashville as our next trip, we thought it would be a nice break from the cold nyc weather (well at least for me because ashley lives in georgia!) and this would be a good opportunity to shoot some spring looks. however, we were shocked to see the weather forecast as the high 30s/low 40s for our entire trip and the weather channel even predicted snow for that saturday. uhh i'm sorry, what!? but with all of our spring looks packed, we had to make do! we originally had planned on stopping by the john seigenthaler pedestrian bridge (shown here) first thing in the morning after our arrival for a sunrise shoot but strong winds and freezing temperatures weren't exactly ideal. so we zipped off to a dunkin donuts to warm up and readjusted our schedule to stop at the bridge for the (cloudy) sunset.

dress: j.o.a.
shoes: stuart weitzman
earrings: oscar de la renta
bracelets: cartier
ring: david yurman
bag: saint laurent

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monday blues

okay well that was a much longer break from blogging than i anticipated it being! it's been three weeks but i'm finally back with my last post from charleston! but i also wanted to come on here to share why i've been a little mia not only here on the blog but also why i've been minimal on my instagram. the short answer? life has been crazy! but the long answer is definitely a little more complex. not only am i planning a million trips at the moment but i finally hit a breaking point with my starter 5th-floor walk-up apartment in nyc. some of you who follow me on instagram may remember i had a fairly large nordstrom package stolen from my building's entrance in december. i was shocked as i had never had any issues prior to this. while nordstrom refused to do anything, american express saved the day and reimbursed me for the full amount! it's safe to say i will be an amex member for life now!

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i think we all know i'm a sucker for pink. so when i found out i was going to be heading back to charleston, i was determined to hunt down the famous pink door! with the aid of southern expert ashley, i tracked town the door in seconds! located at 126 tradd street just south of broad, it did not disappoint! and knowing i was going to be bringing my pink bike this door served as the perfect location to compliment my ride and all of my favorite pink pieces!

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pastel me more

hello charleston: the perfect spring getaway from the cold and dreary new york city...the sun was desperately needed! in contrast to the last time i was in charleston a few years ago in august, this time the head and humidity were far from extreme and i wasn't in a hurry to race home to nyc! as a result of the aggressive weather, i wasn't really a fan of any of my photos. so like my trip to paris, i was eager to get back to the charming city to redo the photos. for this time around, i took my time strolling the streets and taking in the scenery. everywhere i turned, there were colorful corners that belonged in a magazine and it was a plethora of pastel perfection!

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check it out

i think it goes without saying that i adapted to southern living (and dressing) with ease and i knew that my suitcase wouldn't have been complete without a plethora of gingham! i purchased this gingham top months ago in anticipation of some warmer days and i was so excited to finally wear it in savannah! i loved pairing it with it's gingham mansur partner-in-crime and this stunning floral skirt to complete the perfect southern belle look! now if we could just tackle the heat and humidity in the south in the summer and then i would actually live there full-time!

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let it snow

i'm definitely a sucker for the snow! ...not always the sub-freezing temperatures but it's definitely better than being too hot. when i saw the forecast for nyc said snow this past weekend, i started preparing for magical day! new york city is the perfect backdrop to look just like a snow globe and this snowfall did not disappoint! lydia and i braved the weather to get just the right shots all while gripping my hot chocolate as it was my only source of warmth. we immediately hopped right in a restaurant when we were done shooting and treated ourselves to some ahhhmazing burgers right next to grand central station! i mean seriously...who can ask for a better day!? there is still a little bit of snow sticking around the city but i truly can't wait for the next snowfall!

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summer reading

reading has not always been my favorite. sure, i will read countless articles from the new york and financial times *cough cough...buzzfeed* but when it comes to sitting down and finishing a book cover to cover, i always seem to come up with any excuse to never finish (or start for that matter) a book. but this summer i was determined! i gave myself a goal of finishing one book. okay i know i didn't goal myself high, but it's realistic for my hectic life and about the baby steps. and i'm happy to announce that i successfully completed my goal!

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check please

i couldn't be happier that today is friday! mostly because this week was a completely normal work-week for me and i didn't get a long weekend for the fourth of july...retail problems. although i'm not going to the hamptons this weekend, this post has me itching to go back! this little gingham number was the perfect dress to stop by the maidstone hotel in east hampton and check out their new renovations! if you ever find yourself in search of a hotel when in the hamptons, i highly recommend the maidstone! so instead of coming to terms that i will not be out east this weekend, i will just pretend that i am!

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yellow gingham road

gingham is back baby, and i couldn't be more excited! it has been too long since i've worn my favorite spring and summer print and am so relieved that it is becoming a staple in my wardrobe. but what isn't a staple in my wardrobe is the color yellow...i know. i honestly can't tell you the last time i owned something in that color! i just have never thought it looked good with my skin tone so i would continue to bypass yellow when shopping. however, in the spirit of spring, i figured i had to give this pastel-perfect dress a shot! needless to say i was not disappointed.

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