monday blues

okay well that was a much longer break from blogging than i anticipated it being! it's been three weeks but i'm finally back with my last post from charleston! but i also wanted to come on here to share why i've been a little mia not only here on the blog but also why i've been minimal on my instagram. the short answer? life has been crazy! but the long answer is definitely a little more complex. not only am i planning a million trips at the moment but i finally hit a breaking point with my starter 5th-floor walk-up apartment in nyc. some of you who follow me on instagram may remember i had a fairly large nordstrom package stolen from my building's entrance in december. i was shocked as i had never had any issues prior to this. while nordstrom refused to do anything, american express saved the day and reimbursed me for the full amount! it's safe to say i will be an amex member for life now!

but just when i thought the worst was behind me, what i feared wouldn't happen again, did. while i was away in dc, someone had stolen not only one but two packages: one from ted baker and one from kate spade. and i knew this living situation was no longer a sustainable one (and let's be honest, the 5 flights of stairs were also slowly killing me). i looked for less drastic solutions for my packages like a p.o. box but so many companies don't deliver to them and i even looked at doorman (an app that will accept and deliver your packages to you 7-days a week!) but they didn't service my zip code...even though i live in manhattan...

within one day i was on the phone with several real estate agents to get out of my building as quickly as i could! i was able to not only find an amazing apartment with a doorman (and an elevator), but it was under budget. literally unheard of for manhattan. so i pounced like a suburban mom on black friday! needless to say, i cannot wait to move in! but it also reminded me that i still need to do an tour of my current apartment! so let's add that to the list of never ending to-dos on my list!

now let's get to the good stuff: charleston is forever one of my favorite cities and just needed to bring an explosion of color with me to escape from the nyc cold. a few months ago, i saw this jacket on blair while she was in paris and my heart skipped a beat. thankfully i tracked it down and never wanted to take it off! as much as i love the fur trim, i knew it would be just a bit much for charleston so i left those additions at home but will definitely be bringing them back out next winter! naturally i found a matching blue and white house so they paired together perfectly! 

while this is the last of my charleston photos for this time around, i kind of want to make a spring charleston trip an annual one! what do we think?

coat: saks potts
shoes: steve madden (old, similar here)
bag: gucci (similar here)
sunglasses: asos