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in the black

happy friday everyone! and more importantly, a happy black friday! i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday but now the fun really begins: the countdown to chirstmas! while everyone is very excited to take advantage of holiday deals and deep discounts, i will spread the same message that i do every year. it’s a reminder to those who are choosing to do their shopping today in the stores, remember to be extra, extra, extra nice and patient to the sales associates and staff members. they have to work incredibly long and stressful hours today and who knows what time they had to get up this morning to get to work. and typically, the time retail workers get to spend with their families is cut short so just be aware of that before you think someone is moving a little slower than you would like (*cough looking at you new yorkers cough*).

coat: zara (old, similar here and here)
dress: asos (old, similar here and here)
boots: tory burch
bag: kate spade (old)
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: linda farrow

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stealing from the boys

happy tuesday! today i'm sharing my favorite outfit from my trip to kennebunkport with dana that has a little twist to it; this button down, layered underneath the cutest corduroy pinafore, is actually from j.crew mens! for this trip, i wanted a more relaxed feel so that's why i beelined right to the men's section. not only do they have just as cute of prints (if not the same) in the perfect oversized fit with out of control comfy fabric, but the price is so much less expensive! especially when you look at the "boyfriend" shirt from the women's section compared to just getting a boyfriend shirt from the men's section (minus the boyfriend). it's really a win/win if you ask me!

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vintage vermonting

thank god it's tuesday amirite!?? that is mostly because today is the start of my posts from my trip to vermont! before i get into the juicy travel content, i had to share one of my favorite outfits from the trip. and that was all because of this vintage inspired turtleneck that made me feel right at home in vermont. and thank goodness most of the snow from the sidewalks had been cleared so i was able to wear my favorite suede over the knee boots! stay tuned for my upcoming travel posts!

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beret of sunshine

at the end of last year, i mentioned here how obsessed i have been lately with berets! they are the perfect way to add that little extra something to your outfit without putting too much effort into it. so i have been trying to incorporate more berets into my daily wardrobe and couldn't help but bring this pearl one back out! and i will mention that i have also recently purchased this and this and i am so excited to start wearing them! know, after the whole 5-7 business day thing.

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let it snow

i'm definitely a sucker for the snow! ...not always the sub-freezing temperatures but it's definitely better than being too hot. when i saw the forecast for nyc said snow this past weekend, i started preparing for magical day! new york city is the perfect backdrop to look just like a snow globe and this snowfall did not disappoint! lydia and i braved the weather to get just the right shots all while gripping my hot chocolate as it was my only source of warmth. we immediately hopped right in a restaurant when we were done shooting and treated ourselves to some ahhhmazing burgers right next to grand central station! i mean seriously...who can ask for a better day!? there is still a little bit of snow sticking around the city but i truly can't wait for the next snowfall!

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café society

my final post from paris is here and i am a little sad about it! for our final full day in paris, i knew we needed to stop at the most iconic café in paris: café de flore. located in my old neighborhood on the boulevard saint-germain, this quaint little café has hosted some of the world's finest patrons. does ernest hemingway ring a bell? although andrea nor i are the next hemingway, we felt honored to grace this historic parisian spot! and the hot chocolate is one of my favorites in the city! paris really knows how to do hot chocolate!

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parisian pattern play

was this jacket love at first sight?? absolutely. i first spotted this jacket when it was roughly 150°f in nyc and i couldn't quite justify the price tag in the middle of july. so i waited. and waited. but i never forgot about my true love. that wasn't until tory burch had their friends and family sale that i pounced. the jacket is a mixture of embroidery and beading that is truly a piece of art. although i was eager to strut around town in it, i knew i needed to save it for my trip to paris! and i think we can all agree that it was worth the wait!

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versailles // let them eat cake

next up on my paris re-do list was none other than my vacation home...err i mean the palace of versailles. the last time i visited my vacation home...ugh i did it again! the last time i visited versailles was during my first few days of studying abroad. i took the hour+ long train out with a few of my classmates and explored the palace. this instagram was even one of my favorites from the pre-blog days! this time around, andrea and i opted for the time efficient uber just a 30 minute ride outside of paris. we had originally planned to get there right as the gates opened with our pre-paid tickets in hand but our snooze buttons got the best of us! we headed out around 1:00pm and that was a mistake to say the least. we figured it would be crowded on the thursday we went but not as crowded as it actually was! our pre-paid tickets only saved us around 5-10 minutes but the waiting in line took around and hour and a half. and the photographer in me started to freak out about how much light we were actually going to have. but we definitely made it work!

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going green

this season, i have been making more of a conscious effort to mix and match pieces that i already own and try to incorporate them into my current fall wardrobe. i absolutely loved wearing this coat last year and this dress back when i was in london...and of course i had to pair these pieces with my latest obsession: these green over the knee boots! when i say i have already worn these boots to death, i mean it. i'm strongly considering buying a second pair (in addition the the black pair i already purchased).

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