the cloisters // educational adventure

who knew there was this much nature in new york city!? ...well i mean aside from central park of course! i have always wanted to adventure to the cloisters since i passed it on the highway moving into the city. even if you don't go to the museum itself, the grounds are spectacular and i felt like i was in a completely different world. so after brunch, we hopped on the "a" train and began our day!

even though the property is stunning, the main event is the museum. the museum operates under the met so i am definitely putting my membership to good use! we explored the grounds prior to checking out the museum and obviously taking a bunch of pictures (and snapchaps)! we also were incredibly lucky with the weather so i decided to shoot this look as well!

every room in the museum has the most beautiful items and architecture - my favorite room was full of unicorn tapestries! and there was also some medieval clothing that was so intricate and detailed that i wanted to take it right out of the case! but it was probably haunted so i left it alone.

now i think we can all tell i'm a little obsessed with black and white coats but i will never stop wearing them! at least until they go out of style but we know that's never going to happen. i threw on my favorite otk boots and was ready to hike up to the cloisters!

every new yorker should make the trip up to the cloisters as it was my favorite educational adventure to date!

coat: kate spade (old, love this one)
top: j.crew
skirt: kate spade
boots: steve madden
sunglasses: karen walker