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the ins and outs of breakfast at tiffany's

the day is finally here! yes, that's right, i'm sharing all of the details from my fabulous morning having breakfast with andrea at the blue box café back in february! oh yeah, you heard that correctly...february. so disregarding my blatant laziness on posting this, i wanted to be sure i walked you all through how to get reservations at the coveted restaurant and how to channel your inner holly golightly all at the same time! for starters, the reservations. of course andrea and i had an advantage because we live in nyc so we had very little obstacles to plan around but we knew we wanted to get there right as the restaurant opened. reservations are all done on their website and open up at 9am, 30 days before. so naturally i set my alarm for 8:55am (just like signing up for classes in college) and refreshed the page until 9am. thankfully the 10am reservation slot popped up and i snatched it faster than a 70% off tv during a black friday sale! and while there is technically a waitlist if all of the slots are full, the probability that something will open up is slim because the tables are so limited. so if you're not from nyc but know you'll be planning a visit, mark your calendar for reservations 30 days in advance!

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