fashionably late

i know, i know…it’s no longer hydrangea season…but hey! better late than never! when i got back from my trip to rome, i found myself essentially drowning in unpublished content, which i’m aware is not necessarily the worst problem to have but i just couldn’t keep up with it all! so instead of powering through and editing all of the photos, i just let them sit there and procrastinated. i procrastinated so much that i am now posting an outfit from july…and would you believe me if i told you my last post was taken back in may??? oopsies.

but now that i’m in a photography program with a rigorous schedule, i have to be more organized than ever and actually get sh*t done. so here we are, nearing october, posting hydrangeas.

it is a work in progress and i’m still not totally through all of that unpublished content but i cannot wait to share it all with you so i can finally start posting with chunky sweaters and all the fall foliage possible!

dress: giambattista valli (also love the off-the-shoulder version)
shoes: raye (also have the black)
bag: mango
hat: miu miu
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

photos by lydia hudgens