my coming to jeans-us moment

i know it probably comes as a shock, but i actually wear jeans allllllll the time, especially when i’m photographing. and as much as i love my luxury and designer pieces, about a year and a half ago, i told myself i was never going to buy a pair of designer jeans again…because no matter how great of quality they were, they inevitably got destroyed. lesson learned!

so i began scouring the madewell and american eagle websites for their jeans and i have yet to be disappointed! while madewell still isn’t considered cheap, they are still a fraction of the price of what i was purchasing prior…and my jeans from madewell have lasted twice as long. one pair in particular that i cannot get enough of are the 10” high rise jeans that i pretty much live in. and i have multiple pairs of these jeans from american eagle because they are just too dang comfy!

a year and a half ago, i had my coming to jeans-us moment - sorry, *jesus* moment - and will never buy another pair of designer jeans again! well i shouldn’t say never because they could be made of pure gold or have diamonds embroidered in them…

top: asos
jeans: madewell
shoes: chanel (similar here)
bag: tara zadeh
bracelets: cartier
earrings: katerina makriyianni
necklace: kate spade (old, similar here)
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

photos by lydia hudgens