mykonos // an unexpected stop

when originally planning our trip, we initially just planned to visit santorini and weren't even going to consider going to another island. but after a little bit of research, we concluded that we needed to visit mykonos as well. andrea and i didn't think anything could top santorini and we, truthfully, we had very low expectations for mykonos. once we hopped off the ferry from santorini and checked into our hotel, we knew we were in for a fun couple of days! we immediately dropped our bags off in our (stunning) room and headed right into town for an afternoon of exploration.


thankfully our hotel had a complimentary shuttle between the hotel and the town so we didn't have to spend unnecessary money on cabs. when we arrived to the "downtown" area, andrea and i were in awe of everything. the only way i could describe it is sensory overload. everywhere you looked was something worth taking a photo of and i had the hardest time picking those that made the cut for this post! everything we had thought about santorini being the "pretty" island and mykonos being the "fun" island had gone out the window! mykonos was just as stunning as santorini (if not more) and had less stairs. #bonuspoints

our love for this island quickly grew and just kept exploring! and thank goodness for my extra comfy shoes (similar here) that kept me moving all day long. we just got lost in the streets and each street was more beautiful than the next! but we knew we eventually needed to eat, so we went on the hunt for food.

we stumbled upon the cutest little restaurant with tons of outdoor seating and no shortage of carbs. andrea and i didn't realize how hungry we were until we sat down and we had to restrain ourselves from ordering one of everything on the menu! and thank goodness for that complimentary shuttle to the hotel because we actually had to roll back through town to get to the pickup...but not without stopping for ice cream on the way!

mykonos was my pinterest board coming to life and i can't believe we almost didn't want to stop! it may have been an unexpected stop but we can't imagine our trip to greece without it!

dress: asos
shoes: chanel (similar here)
sunglasses: prada

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