santorini // skies of blue and white

after a two-week blogging break and a little trip to greece (nbd), i'm back baby! i am so excited to fully share with you all about my trip to greece with andrea. after so much time planning and pinteresting, our departure date definitely snuck up on us and somehow i still felt like we had nothing planned.

our first stop on the grecian tour was santorini: the most instagrammable of all places. our flight to the island landed at sunset so we were eager to explore the island first thing in the morning.if you have followed some of my previous travel posts, you know that i love shooting at the crack of dawn...okay i don't love the wakeup call, but the results are amazing! the empty streets and soft light make shooting a breeze. and then you can always go back and nap later.

the only downside to waking up so early is that there are little to no places that were open for breakfast...even our hotel! on our walk into the center of town from our hotel, we passed a girl carrying, what appeared to be, an iced coffee and a bagel. and our inner new yorkers started sprinting because we knew there was food ahead!

after fueling up with the most amazing breakfast pastry, we continued to explore oia and hike up and down the seemingly endless stairs. oia is the northernmost part of the island of santorini and is typically what appears when you google search "santorini." thankfully we were staying just a 10 minute walk from the center of oia so we were still close to all of the action...and by action i mean couples on their honeymoons.

during our exploration, i was so happy i brought along this mini woven tote that was just the right size for a spare camera lens and my spf 100. i ended up carrying it almost every day on the trip! and hiking up the countless steps so i was so happy i packed these shoes for extra comfort.

we covered so much ground before most people even got out of bed but it was definitely time for us to head back to the hotel for a little relaxation. we decided to say at the kirini which was stunning beyond words. the wifi connection...not so much...but that is a story for another day. after eating a second breakfast, we went straight to the pool to take in the breathtaking views right in our backyard.

stay tuned for more grecian posts that are yet to come!

dress: kate spade (also love the skirt version)
shoes: tabitha simmons
bag: j.crew
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: bp