santorini // intentionally wandering

it was another 5am wake-up call for our second morning in santorini and it was this day that i thought andrea was going to throw the alarm against the wall...but it was a good thing she didn't! one of the reasons that this morning was my favorite in santorini wasn't because i was wearing this ahhmazing skirt but because i felt like we had our bearings of the city. our first day we were simply exploring oia and getting lost in the many streets. but come day two, we were "experts." we were able to pinpoint the exact places we wanted to venture to first and that was a monumental stress-reliever.

and although this was one of my travel posts, we need to take a minute to talk about this skirt. when i was shopping for this trip, i became obsessive over anything blue and white and originally stumbled upon this similar skirt: unknowingly passing over the one you see here. after ordering the "mistake" skirt, i saw this photo posted by jenn lake and stopped dead in my tracks. i don't think i've ever pressed the "add to cart" button so fast before in my life. and if it isn't already obvious, this skirt kicked my old one's butt.

in santorini - and in greece in general - there is a ton of walking. and i say that as a new yorker where we literally walk everywhere. with this knowledge, i knew i could only bring flats. i repeat: only bring flats! i loved adding these sandals for the perfect pop of pink to really complete this look and they of course will be seen again. and can i just say how comfy they were!? now this is something i would never do nor recommend, but almost all of the shoes i brought with me on this trip, i had never worn before. i know...i could feel the blisters forming while i was packing. so i brought a box of band-aids and an old pair of sandals just in case. but by some miracle sent from the grecian gods, i didn't get a single blister!! 

i was so lucky that i didn't have any wardrobe (or shoe) complications so andrea and i were really able to take in everything that santorini had to offer. we continuously got lost in the seemingly endless streets of in island and we never felt lost. so we wandered until we got hungry and headed back to the hotel for the cutest little breakfast...coming up next!

top: kate spade (old, love this one)
skirt: j.crew (also love this and this one)
shoes: manolo blahnik
bracelets: cartier
rings: kate spade (snake and bauble), henri bendel
bag: j.crew
sunglasses: bp ($12!!!)