garden party

have you ever scrolled through a website and immediately stoped everything because you found the most perfect dress in the whole wide world? well that happened to me and this dress. the colors were perfection and the jeweled details had my name written all over it! but, of course, the reason i truly love this dress is because it is the epitome of a perfect garden party dress. it was at this moment that i wished i lived in a home with a spacious backyard so i could host pinterest-worthy parties with my own signature cocktail! ...i really wish this all the time to be honest.

but i had to stop day dreaming and head back to my 5th floor, air-conditionedless walk-up apartment with a view of a brick wall. so until i can host those backyard soirées, this will have to hang in my closet and only be brought out for only the most ladylike occasions.

dress: tory burch
shoes: chanel (also love these)
bag: dior
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dior

see more pieces in this print here:

photos by lydia hudgens