waving the white flag

is it too early in the season to wave my white flag? summer is here and mother nature is not being shy about it! the heat and humidity are in full swing and the only thing i can manage to put on in the morning are little (preferably white) dresses. when the humidity percentage is higher than my rent, i reach for dresses, like this one, that are easy, lightweight, and breathable! the open sleeve allows me to still be modest all while keeping me cool. the only thing this dress can't do is make the temperature go back down!

so summer, i am officially surrendering and i will be counting down the days until fall and i can be together again.

dress: kate spade (also comes in navy!)
shoes: gianvito rossi
bag: serpui
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: gucci

shop more of my favorite little white dresses here: