beret of hope

well first, oopsies! i know it’s the 26th and you’re all wondering, “why the heck is she posting this holiday content now!?” that’s a great question readers, haha! for the last week i have been on an adventure in africa and because i was told there would be wifi, i did not plan out my pre-christmas posts. unfortunately, upon arrival to my safari, i was in for a rude wake-up call when there was not only no wifi, but not even cell service!


i know…i survived but i will go into detail about my experience at a later date. for now, though, i didn’t want to let my holiday content go to waste so this and the next outfit i am posting are going to be holiday centric.

i will say, i did miss the feeling of christmas this year, being in africa over the holiday has been amazing but there is just something about waking up in your plaid pajamas and sitting by a tree with your family the morning of christmas. i miss the cold (mostly because i’m burning from the inside out in 100+ degree temperatures), i miss the smell of my nest holiday candle paired with the smell of pine, and i definitely miss the infinite number of christmas cookies i buy and not share with anyone haha.

i loved spending the holiday with my family and we are still having an absolute blast here! stay tuned for more on instagram!

dress: zara
coat: michael kors (old, last seen here)
beret: halogen
bag: saint laurent
shoes: halogen x atlantic-pacific
earrings: chanel
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

photos by lydia hudgens