the most instagrammable spots in nashville

i know what you're all thinking...i just travel for the instagrammable spots. and you're definitely right about that haha! but what most people don't know is that a lot of work goes in to finding these adorable (and sometimes delicious) spots and then tracking them down. so i'm going to make it extra easy for you if you ever find yourself in nashville and in need of an instagram! when ashley and i were prepping for this trip, i made a powerpoint...yes you heard that correctly...a powerpoint of all the locations we wanted to hit up. and then within this powerpoint, i included opening hours if it was a business or which direction it was facing so we would know the best time to go (aka for the sun). some may call it crazy but i call it efficient. because we only had one full day to fit this all in. talk about crunch time!

ashley and i first started our day at the most adorable restaurant for brunch: le sel. oh yeah, and it's pink. duh! pro tip: if you know you're going to be obnoxious with photos (really if you're a blogger) and don't want to interrupt their actual business, email or call them to see if you can stop by the restaurant just a little bit before opening! or at the very least book your reservation as the first one available (which is what andrea and i ended up doing for our morning at tiffany's). thankfully the media rep was so sweet and let us pop in 30 minutes before they opened for us to be able to get our shots and then actually enjoy our brunch! and i have to say they were the sweetest staff i've ever encountered at a restaurant. they we beyond attentive, helpful, and hilarious! they even gave us recommendations including caviar and bananas for their perfectly tiled floor! and it conveniently located just across the street from le sel so it would have been a shame if we didn't make a stop!

and then as if we weren't full enough from brunch (and our impromptu trip to caviar and bananas, we headed over to five daughters bakery for the most amazing assortment of gourmet doughnuts. they were beyond heaven and the "i heart donuts" sign couldn't have been cuter! again the staff was so sweet and accommodating for our photos that the woman at the check out moved the ipad register so i could get a better shot of the neon sign! i mean that girl definitely understands the "do it for the gram" mentality.

then just down the street, it was only inevitable that we stopped at reese witherspoon's adorable draper james store. the exterior flaunted adorable blue and white stripe awnings and brick siding...perfect for any instagrammer! and if the blue and white preppiness isn't quite your thing, the classic "welcome to nashville" mural is is just on the otherside of the alley! talk about convenience! later in the day we also popped inside the store and it was perfection beyond words. it was southern charm at its finest! oh and bonus points for the complimentary sweet tea upon arrival!

and then as the grand finale, we needed a drink...and badly! at this point we were already exhausted from our instagram marathon that our next stop was truly the light at the end of the tunnel: the best bloody mary in all the land at the flipside. it was actually out of control. not only did it include a crab leg, but also olives, a pickle, tater tots, and fried chicken. let that sink in for a minute...i know i had to! 

while ashley and i covered as much as we could that morning, there were a few notable mentions that we were not able get to:
- pinewood social
- biscuit love
(we tried but the line was out the door so get there early!)
- the soda parlor
- opryland hotel

happy gramming!

dress: kate spade (also love this version)
bag: kate spade
shoes: madewell
bracelets: cartier
earrings: vanda jacintho
sunglasses: illesteva (old, similar here)