roses in rome

with a sharp contrast to the last post on prêt-à-provost where ashley and i leisurely went to the spanish steps during the middle of the day and there were swarms of people everywhere, this 5:30am call time gave us all the time to truly enjoy this tourist hotspot all to ourselves! well that was until the three guys who were still out from the night before left from the top of the steps...

one of the reasons this is my favorite spots in rome is because, yes the steps themselves are beautiful, but the view from the top of them is simple breathtaking! and there was no better time to see it than before all of rome woke up (or went to bed for our three new friends). and as an added bonus, we got our workout in for the day by climbing all 3,320,380 steps! haha! we sure earned our pasta after that!

dress: dolce & gabbana
bag: kate spade
shoes: christian louboutin (last seen here, similar here)
hat: gucci
earrings: vintage chanel
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana