a series of unfortunate events

these past two weeks i have had incredible things planned! i was able to persuade amanda to book a last minute trip to los angeles with me and we literally had the best time (aside from the fact that i ripped my favorite blouse #stillbitter)! we were exhausted because we shot from sunrise to sunset every day but more on all of that content later. unfortunately though, the past few days i have just been dealing with a string of bad luck and it’s put a damper on my attitude. from travel mishaps to technical issues, i’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry…in fact i did that this afternoon on the phone with my mom in the back of an uber. that definitely killed my uber rating haha.

the worst thing that could have possibly happened to me was that i believe i left my hard drive in the seat-back pocket on my return flight from los angeles because i was working on the photos on the flight. and while i do have a backup of many of my photos, i have not backed up my photos in four months...yeah i learned my lesson. this means that i just lost four months of both personal and client photos if it cannot be retrieved. it also contained 11, yes, eleven, unpublished outfits for the blog, countless photos that i was going to have printed, and of course, my final art project for my photography program. cue the internal panic mode.

i have tried calling delta roughly 50 times, filed two “lost item” claims and even tweeted at them multiple times: but no one seems to have an answer. i scoured my apartment as best as i could to search for the drive but of course as soon as i realized it was missing and tried to search more, i had to pack up my bags again and head to dc with lydia for the cherry blossoms. before our train (at 10pm arriving to dc at 1:40am), dana, elle and i attended grace’s live podcast show at caroline’s on broadway! her and becca absolutely killed it and the moment it ended i grabbed my suitcase and headed to penn station to catch the train.

everything seemed all good and fine until lydia’s subway got stuck underground for 20 minutes!! can the mta just go one day without a total mishap!? i don’t think so haha. this caused lydia to miss the train by literally seconds and the next train wasn’t until 3:25 in the morning...no bueno. thankfully there was an 11pm bus that lydia caught but that didn’t get into dc until 3am. needless to say lydia and i were both exhausted but we did miraculously to get to the cherry blossoms around sunrise to shoot. we decided to treat ourselves to &pizza afterwards and i managed to get balsamic alllllll over my brand new raw silk coat that i was so excited to wear all day. cue another panic.

i rushed it over to the closest dry cleaners and they sent it out for same day service and the woman assured me they could take care of it. i was full of hope but of course when i got it back, it was still full of the stains…and they charged me $35 for it.

at this point i’m just trying to find the positives somewhere. but i’m pretty defeated right now. add this into the fact that i basically haven’t slept in a week and a half and we have a pretty cranky allie. i’m aware that these are not real problems and i’ll obviously get over all of this but right now i needed to vent so thank you for tuning into my rant. but if you’ve been wondering why i haven’t posted on my stories or instagram for the past week and a half, all of this on top of my ridiculous schedule has been why.

one outfit that i hadn’t officially posted on the blog but had already edited on my phone was this one here that i wore to lauren mazzei’s galentine’s day like two months ago haha so this is just going to have to do for now! everyone keep your fingers crossed that my hard drive is recovered!!

coat: halogen x atlantic-pacific
dress: kate spade
boots: tibi
clutch: kate spade
earrings: kate spade
sunglasses: fendi