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call me twiggy

there is nothing i wouldn't give to be able to go back to the 60s and be best friends with twiggy...but i would be totally fine with 2017's twiggy too! she was such an influential force in modeling and, in my opinion, was the face of 60s fashion. the 60s were full of bold colors, funky earrings, and chic silhouettes: and this dress gave me all the feels!

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taking shape

one thing people may not know about me is that i am a total math nerd - i even majored in finance in college! but one of my favorite segments of my math progression was geometry. now don't get me wrong, i will always have a special place in my heart for a good floral pattern but there is just something about a bold geometric print that makes me stop and stare! of course i needed to pair this statement skirt with my classic stripe tee (that i've had for ages) to add that extra pop! and as i was beginning this post, i saw jenn wear this same skirt three different ways. check out her post here! but we talk about that gingham top with it!? #stunning!

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