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the anti-nordstrom sale post: why i have not, am not, and will (probably) never shop the nordstrom anniversary sale

every summer the hoards of bloggers emerge for the annual money-maker event of the season. and to be honest the content never fails to be completely overloaded. but why am i so against a sale? because it’s the day before the public access, i’m going going to share why.

dress: caroline constas
shoes: raye (last seen here)
bag: chanel
earrings: kate spade (old)
necklace: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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the great divide

i love nordstrom as much as the next person. they always have an amazing variety of brands at all price points and of course, their return policy is unlike any other. but i would be perfectly happy if i never had to see another email about the nordstrom anniversary sale. and add that to the countless bloggers and overall general public posting about the sale, i felt like i was being pulled in a million different directions before the sale even began. needless to say, this is not my favorite time of the year. but let's be honest; the reason bloggers and influencers post so excessively about the annual event is because, as jacey so simply put it, it generates a good chunk of income through our affiliate links! so this year, i was torn: to post, or not to post? and i think we all know by now that the answer to that question for me was not to post.

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