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luck of the irish

full disclosure: i am not at all irish...but i'm not at all mad about looking like a modern-day twenty something leprechaun in this dress. being a redhead (and irish imposter), i was always told to wear green and that it was "my color." me and my closet full of everything but green strongly disagree. but now and again, i get lucky and find just the right shade! what instantly drew me to this dress was that the base is an ivory and just the details were green: totally manageable!

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rain check

now i know this post technically should be named "snow check" but i think we can all agree this umbrella was just too cute to pass on! this transition to spring has definitely taken us on a whirlwind ride including some crazy temperature changes. two weeks ago we had a blizzard and now it is 65 degrees with half the day raining and the other half sunny. feel free to make up your mind mother nature!

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