rain check

now i know this post technically should be named "snow check" but i think we can all agree this umbrella was just too cute to pass on! this transition to spring has definitely taken us on a whirlwind ride including some crazy temperature changes. two weeks ago we had a blizzard and now it is 65 degrees with half the day raining and the other half sunny. feel free to make up your mind mother nature! i have been prepping for the season by layering for any kind of weather possibilities and always (and i mean always) bringing an umbrella with me. who else is dying for this wacky weather to be over!?

coat: zara (similar here)
turtleneck: bloomingdale's cashmere (old, similar here)
skirt: asos
shoes: kate spade
bag: celine
ring: david yurman
sunglasses: karen walker
umbrella: kate spade