we had quite the blizzard a few weeks ago on the east coast, which put a little damper on my plans to visit the cherry blossoms in washington, dc. the blossoms were covered in a layer of ice causing a significant delay the peak days. but my train was booked and my friends were awaiting my arrival so there was no way i was about to reschedule! i went to plan b and simply visited some of my favorite locations in dc working with the incredibly talented laura metzler!

when i saw this black and white jumpsuit, i immediately envisioned it at the lincoln memorial. the sleek lines of the memorial were the perfect pairing for this bold jumpsuit! stay tuned for more looks from dc!

jacket: kate spade
jumpsuit: asos
shoes: kate spade
bracelets: cartier
rings: go rings, kate spade
earrings: saint laurent
bag: m2malletier
sunglasses: karen walker