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the way to zimbabwe

holy crap, that was such an incredible fashion week here in nyc! but now that it’s over, i can finally get back to sharing more details about my africa trip! and even though it’s valentine’s day…i won’t be doing a post with pizza, chocolate, and an excessive amount of heart balloons becauseeeee #single.

i left off on my africa trip with the first two posts from the safari in botswana: one sharing all of the details and the second being a photo diary of the safari! in the first post, i briefly mentioned details about our journey to the next stop on our african adventure, victoria falls in zimbabwe, and how it involved an hour and a half flight on a tiny propeller plane right to the border of zimbabwe, and then we had an almost 2 hour drive across the border to victoria falls. it was a lot. oh yeah, and once we got to the national park where our hotel was, we then had to take a 20 minute boat ride on the zambezi river to get to the actual hotel. but once i was able to sit on the couch in the lobby and get the wifi password, i was very happy.

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