turtle(neck) club

winter is coming and one of my favorite ways to stay warm is adding a turtleneck to literally every outfit. these days, my coworkers rarely see me without one! my favorite dresses to layer with is this one (seen here) and this one (seen here).

i stumbled across the comfiest (not exaggerating) turtleck from theory and instantly bought three...and i don't even think that was enough. it is so stretchy and soft that i feel like i am wearing pajamas all day! and it is thin enough to be able to layer underneath tight dresses with ease.

so don't put away those summer favorites juuust yet. it's amazing what a turtleneck and a pair of tights can do. are you turtley enough to be a part of the turtle(neck) club??

dress: j.crew
turtleneck: theory
shoes: kate spade
bag: valentino
earrings: vintage chanel (love these)
necklace: chanel
bow: chanel (love this one)
sunglasses: karen walker