made in detroit

wow, i can't believe the holidays have already gone and passed! but don't worry, i've already started the countdown to next christmas! the holidays this year were very relaxing and i had no complaints! my family and i went out to the hamptons to spend christmas day at our house. it worked out perfectly that we spent the holiday out east because that was where my christmas present was being delivered (and is being stored) very own bike!

some of you may know how obsessed i am with bikes but there is a story behind my obsession. when i was in middle school, my parents did a significant remodel on our house. this meant there was a constant presence of construction workers (and dust) throughout my early teen years. i always loved going on bike rides, whether it was to the local tennis courts or downtown for some shopping. one day i got back to the house and parked my bike in the driveway, which i usually did, and went into the house. little did i know my bike was in danger (i know, i'm being dramatic). i hear a loud crash and run outside. there in the middle of the driveway was my bike crumbled up in a little metal ball, crushed from a worker running over it with a forklift. 

from that moment on, i have always wanted to own a "cute" bike and my younger self dreamed of owning this bike. thankfully my style evolved. but time went on and my parents never replaced my bike. in college and on vacation, i would jump at any opportunity to ride bikes. and that may or may not be the reason i wanted to stay at zero george in charleston. so i kept on dreaming for the perfect bike, until i laid eyes on this bike from shinola. it was everything i wanted and more...and it came in pink! after almost two years of looking at it, i knew i needed to take it for a test ride. i didn't need to ride it more than a block to know it was perfect. not too much longer, we had placed the order for it to be shipped to our house out east just in time for christmas!

to make the purchase even sweeter, shinola is a detroit company, and being from detroit, i love being able to support my home city from my current one. i have worn shinola watches before (i have two!) so now having this bike, i will always have a little piece of the motor city with me!

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coat: kate spade
turtleneck: bloomingdale's (old, similar here)
jeans: rag & bone
shoes: chanel (love these)
hat: eugenia kim (old, similar here)
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: karen walker

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