stress-free hair

i can say now that i truly love my hair...but i haven't always felt this way about it. when i was younger, i was constantly teased for being a redhead and many people would unwelcomely touch my hair. i considered my hair a burden and hated sticking out in the crowd. but my hair shaped who i am today - fun fact: i wrote my college essay about being a redhead - and i'm so thankful for it.




as much as i would like to say that i have taken amazing care of it, i haven't. i competed in dance for over a decade and the slicked back buns with mountains of gel were anything but relaxing. with all of those years behind be, nothing was more strenuous on my hair than my first job out of college because of one simple problem: stress.



i was overworked and stretched too thin and it showed in my hair. i lost the thickness and volume that my hair once had. and it didn't help that i would wear my hair in a bun
every. single. day.


with a new job i knew my treatment to my hair had to change.

upon beginning the change, i made an oath to myself to avoid wearing my hair in a bun (unless it was part of my outfit) and to keep a healthy work/life balance so that the repair on my hair could begin. after my first few months, i had already began to see a jump in the length of my hair alone. the last time i had gotten my hair cut was here and i felt as if it barely grew and inch nearly a year later here. with the increasing speed of my hair growth, i was well overdue for a fresh cut. i was so thankful that o&m reached out to me to visit their salon. it couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

every single person on the staff made me feel incredibly welcomed and the best part was that they had cucumber infused water! ugh my fave! i was so thankful to have had william scott blair working on my hair and i left feeling beyond fabulous! i was sent on my way with some amazing goodies to help rebuild my hair and hopefully restore it to it's originally glory.

it's going to be a slow climb but i am determined to have completely stress-free hair again...and having a fresh cut was just what i needed!

coat: kate spade
dress: kate spade (old, similar here)
belt: gucci
shoes: kate spade
earrings: kate spade
bag: celine
sunglasses: karen walker

be sure to check out o&m nyc for your next hair treatment and a huge thank you again to william and the entire team for having me!

outfit photos by lydia hudgens
salon photos via