rosé all day

it is that time of year again...the annual veuve clicquot polo classic at liberty state park!! if you all remember, last year i had so much fun with dana and it was definitely the year to beat (well the only year to beat)! we considered last year to be our "practice round" as we were severely under prepared. with our learned lessons in tow, we decided to splurge on tickets to the rosé garden: a decision that was our best yet! we knew this year was going to be especially fun because mollie decided to buy a last-minute ticket!! woohoo!! we immediately felt like vip when we were able to skip the bag check line and hop right on the ferry to maximize our champagne time! now i said this last year and i'll say it again, they should really welcome you on the ferry with a glass of champagne! #justsayin

we hopped off the ferry and began the never-ending journey to the polo match. okay, fine. it was a 20-minute walk but it felt like forever in the heat! and speaking of the heat, i was sure to pack my spf 100+ because i was not going to get sunburned! but i still somehow ended up getting sunburned. upon entering the garden, we were immediately greeted by the friendliest bartenders ready with endless bottles of rosé! they quickly became our favorite people!!

if i could choose what heaven would look like, it would be the rosé garden. the area was set up with the most photogenic scenery with the cutest lawn games - the fun never seemed to end! after grabbing our first bottle of champagne, we sat down at a table (in the shade of course) and before we knew it, it was gone! oops! i decided to explore the grounds with my camera to get the full effect of the garden. we even spotted a few more blogger friends!

dana, mollie, jenn, and yours truly

like last year, i had absolutely no idea what i was going to wear to this event! i always try to plan months in advance but always end up making a decision last minute. i bought this tibi dress when i purchased this one and never found an occasion to wear it. i loved the over-the-shoulder style with the cape-like detailing on the back. i felt so comfortable having my arms covered but the open shoulder helping me stay cool all day! i decided not to wear a hat last year so i tried very hard to incorporate this hat (last seen here) into my outfit this year...but it just didn't quite work. so it was off with the hat but there is always next year! i quickly got over it because i was absolutely in love with my accessories! i found this kate spade bag about a month prior on sale so it was an easy buy...and the "paint the town rose" was just too perfect! i secretly wanted to add an accent on the "e" to make it rosé but i couldn't seem to find any whiteout in my apartment.

i think at this point the polo match started...but i couldn't actually tell you that i watched any part of it. dana, mollie, and i spent the time catching up with each other and just being our goofy selves! after the match we decided to take over the field: becausem why not!? we even got inside info from our new besties (the bartenders) that we could buy additional bottles of champagne outside of the garden because we already drank the bottles that came with our tickets. so we did. and bought two more. not sorry.

we gallivanted on the field until they told us it was time for us to go. i was not happy because they made us leave before we could get one last picture in front of the giant #vcpoloclassic sign...totally not still bitter or anything. but it was probably a good thing because my hair was not holding up well after six hours in the humidity. we grabbed all of our belongings and proceeded to walk the mile back to the ferry. unfortunately it started raining - and i mean pouring rain - so our walk turned into a run! because my bag was too small to fit my camera, mollie was kind enough to carry it during the downpour but i just remember yelling, "protect the camera!!!" it was absolute madness trying to get back on the ferry but we pushed and shoved our way on.

we made it back to manhattan laughing hysterically the whole ferry ride. we hopped in the uber and thought we were home free! it was at that very moment that i realized i lost not only my kate spade bow bracelet, but my favorite dior sunglasses #rip. even taking into consideration the lost treasures, sunburn, and surprise storm, it was honestly the best day of the year! friends, photos, and veuve: who could ask for anything better!? i cannot wait to see what craziness ensues next year...who is with me!?!?

dress: tibi
shoes: valentino
bag: kate spade
bracelets: kate spade, cartier
ring: henri bendel
earrings: kate spade
sunglasses: dior

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