veuve is in the air

it's that time of year again...the new york city veuve clicquot polo classic (also know as christmas in june) is without a doubt my favorite event of the year! coming off of last year's new york times worthy outfit i knew i needed something extra for this year. so when i stumbled upon this stunning christian siriano dress online, i knew it was going to be the one! the detailing and the structure of the dress were absolutely breathtaking and the metallic threading perfectly reflected the light...oh and the pockets were an added bonus! the second i tried it on in his new midtown townhouse store (adorably decorated by the way!), i fell in love and had them ring me up right away! and just as a quick sidebar, the entire staff there is phenomenal! literally have never had such an amazing experience at a store!

but while i may have been over the moon about my over-the-top dress, i was not so crazy about the weather forecast for the event...the prediction was thunderstorms all day with a high of about 85. dana, elle and i would text each other weather updates every morning to see if the prediction had changed. it would constantly fluctuate between rain and no rain so we knew it was going to come down to the wire. as a result i had my rain boots on standby incase the weather decided to not be in our favor. even a little rain couldn't keep me away from this event! thankfully the morning of the event, the forecast showed not a drop of rain!! thank goodness! i ditched the rain boots and grabbed my white sandals to complete my look!

the morning of the match, i headed to elle's apartment, conveniently located right by the ferries to the match, where dana, elle, and i had glamsquad do our hair and makeup. as i've learned from previous years, my hair for all-day events doesn't last very long when i wear it down so my life was changed when i wore it up in braids last year. to keep things simple (and to avoid me scrolling through endless pinterest inspo photos) i just had the stylist emulate my hair from last year! both my hair and makeup ladies did such a phenomenal job and i can't believe i haven't used glamsquad before this morning! they seriously make getting ready so easy and fun!

once we got to the event and grabbed our seats with jenn and her husband bob under the tent, we wasted no time grabbing some drinks and taking photos! because that's truly what this event is all about, right!? oh yeah, and i guess there is a polo match that happens too haha! i always love this event not just because of the amazing fashion and seeing what fabulous outfits people put together, but the polo classic brings together so many of my friends from outside the city! when i say people travel from far and wide for this event i mean it!

we all had such an amazing time and it was seriously a blessing that the rain held out! so don't mind me and my five million photos but just keep in mind that this is the edited down version haha!


i cannot wait to head to the la polo classic again in the fall! that should hold me over until next year! :)

dress: christian siriano
shoes: valentino
bag: kate spade
earrings: kate spade
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana