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a-door-able rome

when i was packing for my trip to rome, i knew i needed to bring some crazy comfortable pieces that i could walk around all day in...and eat copious amounts of pasta. i immediately grabbed this gal meets glam collection dress without hesitation. while i purchased it back when the gmg collection launched (as in right at 9am est on the first day haha!) and wore this dress countless times, i never actually photographed it! so i figured rome would be the perfect time for this dress to make it's debut on the blog. but for real, this dress feels like you're wearing pajamas and it's the greatest thing ever! i even convinced jenn that she needed it in her life's that good!

dress: gal meets glam (also love the navy)
shoes: chanel (similar here)
bag: mango
hat: prada (similar here and here)
earrings: tory burch
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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pinkies up

pink is clearly my favorite color and you don't have to tell me twice to completely wear it from head to toe. even on the streets of new york when everyone features their best black clothing this time of year, you can always spot me strutting down the street in my favorite pink coat! at the moment, i have 6 pink coats in my collection (this being #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 will be in my post from austria and i'm not even counting this one) and i have to constantly remind myself when i go into store that i don't need another. ugh. but nonetheless, pink, in my eyes, is a neutral and will forever be incorporated into my outfits as frequently as possible. so be a ray of sunshine and wear your favorite color from head to toe! the whole world will be thankful for it!

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the hamptons // give me summer in the hamptons

i am anything but subtle when it comes to my love for the hamptons. i have been making the journey out east on my days off whenever i can for the last two years and i cannot believe another summer season is officially over! although, i have to admit, i am far from sad because i won't have to fight anyone for a seat on the train and it won't take me 5 hours to get home if i decide to least until next summer. but even with all of the hurdles to get out there during peak season, there is nothing like summer in the hamptons.

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london // run for the notting hill

oh hello london!! it has been so long (okay okay only a year and a half) since my last trip to london but i was so excited to bring dana along this time around! one of the places i knew i wanted to revisit was notting hill. no exceptions! as the self-designated trip planner, i blocked off an entire afternoon to just stroll the streets of the cutest neighborhood in london and i still feel like i needed more time!

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