2018 going on 2019

i cannot believe it’s almost 2019 and it’s crazy to think how this year just flew by! looking back on 2018, i was thankful to be a part of some amazing trips, opportunities, and overall experiences that helped make this year one of the best yet! i wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of my favorite moments (and posts) from each month this year and of course, we start at the beginning!


after taking the first two weeks off in the beginning of the year, at the end of january, andrea and i had the opportunity to head to one of my favorite cities in vermont: woodstock! it was so much fun staying at the woodstock inn and getting to frolic around in the freshly fallen snow!

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after driving back from vermont, i dropped andrea off and picked up dana to head back up north to maine for a weekend at kennebunkport! dana and i had an absolute blast exploring this cute little town in honor of their paint the town red week. we ate, drank, and had a merry old time and i would love to head back there again this year!

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after my fair share of cold weather activities, it was time to head down south to explore greener and sunnier pastures. i made the 13-hour drive down to savannah where i met up with ashley and emily for a much needed girls (and instagram) weekend! this was my first time to savannah and i instantly fell in love with its charm! …aside from the fact that my sunglasses were stolen but whatever i’m over it (clearly).

immediately after, i drove up to charleston to meet up with andrea where i was somehow able to convince her fly down during the height of her wedding planning! sorry marc (and andrea’s mom! haha). we had such an amazing time causing a ruckus around town and even rented a vintage car for some retro themed looks!

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continuing on the warm-weather trend, after a few days in naples for easter with my family, we jetted off to something i’ve wanted to do in forever: attend the masters in augusta! while we only got tickets to one of the practice rounds, i’m so thankful that we did because they do not allow any cameras (or cell phones) to be taken in during the real rounds! i know i would have died! so i put on my preppiest outfit and strutted the golf course in awe of all the players i saw: tiger woods, jordan spieth, dustin johnson, and did i mention jordan spieth??

after returning back to new york for a few days, i packed up my bags again and this time headed to the headquarters of all things country music: nashville! i met up with ashley who was able to drive in from florida and of course the weekend that we were there, it was one of nashville’s coldest in history! we had to make our summer dresses work in the near freezing temperatures but we had a lot of fun in the process!

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honestly, i didn’t even realize how much i traveled this year until i started writing this post…but at the beginning of may i headed to the west coast with dana for a last minute trip to see the skagit vallet tulip festival just outside of seattle! it was 100% worth the 5 hour flight, and hour drive out to the fields and these remain to be some of my favorite photos from the year!

next on the may travel itinerary was puerto vallarta for my cousins wedding with a pit stop in mexico city! and a pit stop it was because i only had 18 hours before i had to get on a plane and head to the amalfi coast! it was seriously crunch time once we were there and my parents and i covered some major ground before i had to leave. once i was in positano, i don’t think i’ve ever been happier! i met up with ashley and we hit the ground running as soon as i landed! it was my first time exploring the amalfi coast (ashley’s 1,000,000th) and i was so thankful to have had ashley as my personal tour guide! she took me to all of the best photo spots, restaurants and hotels for the ultimate amalfi experience.

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throughout june, i continued my posts from the amalfi coast but the highlight of my month was without a doubt the veuve polo classic, as it is every june! every summer, dana and i look forward to “christmas in june” for the day we can dress up, not watch polo, and drink seemingly endless bottles of veuve…our version of heaven! this year it was supposed to thunderstorm all day so we were preparing for the worst, but by some miracle, it didn’t rain an ounce and actually ended up being sunny the whole time! it may have been obnoxiously hot and humid the whole day but i’ll take that over rain any day!

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do we think the travel slowed down at all in july? absolutely not! i hopped back on a plane to italy but this time to meet ashley for a week in rome! the last time i was in rome was when i was in college so i was so excited to finally get to take some real photos this time around! the 4am wakup calls were brutal but it was all worth it looking back on the photos!

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after many trips out east, i have always wanted to make the trek to the north fork to lavender by the bay: our very own piece of provence on long island! last year dana and i missed the peak days of the lavender but we were sure to not miss them this time around! while i had the best time, i had to really get over my fear of the bees buzzing everywhere around me. thankfully elle was with us so she kept me calm, cool, and collected the whole time haha!

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in september, amanda and i had the opportunity to make the short drive to philadelphia to partner with the ritz carlton there! i have to say i was not expecting much as philadelphia has never been on my to do list (since my 7th grade class trip there) but amanda and i were blown away with every ounce of that city! the restaurants were impeccable, activities were out of the box, and there was art and charm everywhere! i cannot wait to go back!

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during the month of october, i took many days off from the blog as i was starting to get in the full swing of my photography program, but one of my favorite posts was featuring a dress that was under $100! it was a dress that was seemingly everywhere and i loved getting the chance to share all of those amazing other ladies who wore and styled it differently!

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i couldn’t stay away from vermont for too long becuase come the fall, dana and i were itching to get some fall foliage action! this time we headed to stowe, vermont and stayed at the cutest airbnb (and it was even on a farm!) in addition to field guide. this trip was my first try at using my drone and i was like a kid flying a kite i was so excited!

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while i’m currently in africa while writing this post, those posts won’t come until january but there were still some other highlights in the month that i needed to feature! at the beginning of the month, andrea, amanda, and i had the opportunity to partner with the wyndham grand in clearwater beach for some much needed relaxation before the holiday season! and probably one of my favorite posts to date was getting to wear the most incredible gown on the steps of the met. honestly, anna should just send me an invite to the met gala because i already have the dress!

and of course, i had to finish off the year with my annual palace tree shoot. this has been a tradition since the first year i had my blog back in 2015 and i cannot image a year without one!

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i hope everyone had an incredible 2018 and cheers to an even better 2019! happy new year!!